Kentucky Authority Forms Insurance Committee; Trainer Veitch Hired

The Kentucky Racing Authority formed a committee at its Nov. 22 meeting to study jockey insurance and to provide recommendations to Gov. Ernie Fletcher on whether or not some form of worker's compensation insurance for jockeys is needed.

"This is an important topic and it is to our best benefit to become more knowledgeable," said LaJuana Wilcher, secretary of Environmental and Public Protection, under whose cabinet the racing authority falls. "As the ruling body over the horse racing industry in this state, I am sure the current administration would welcome any thoughts or recommendations this authority might have."

The committee will study the five states, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Idaho, and New York, which currently cover jockeys under workman's compensation, as well as look at the issue independently and make recommendations to the governor's office.

In addition, the committee will keep informed of all work done by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) Task Force on jockey insurance.

The committee consists of Tom Ludt, chairman; Donna Smith; Dell Hancock; Jack Steinman; and Wilcher.

In other action, Gov. Fletcher appointed former Calumet Farm trainer John Veitch as deputy director of the horse racing authority. Veitch, who will serve as an assistant to executive director Jim Gallagher, will primarily work reviewing the current rules and regulations.

"We are not looking to change too many of the rules or make them too restrictive, but to bring the rules and regulations up to code. We want them to be fair to everyone," Veitch said.