Keeneland Pavilion Work Begins

Keeneland has begun work on the expansion and renovation of its sale pavilion. The work, to be done in three phases around the sale calendar, is expected to be completed by next August.

"The comfort of our buyers and sellers is paramount," Keeneland president Nick Nicholson said in a release. "Many of our clients spend long hours in the pavilion. It will be a place where they can conduct business at the highest level and in an environment that is comfortable and welcoming."

The expansion will include a 5,000 square-foot space for the relocation of the repository, more and larger conference rooms and a kitchen to service the dining areas. The interior of the pavilion will be almost totally renovated. Dining and lounge areas will be reconfigured and enhanced, and the restrooms will undergo major upgrades.

The pavilion was built in 1969.

Other enhancements to the pavilion include:
* Hi-speed wireless internet access throughout the facility.
* A new business center with more amenities and concierge-type services.
* New or refurbished seats in the auditorium and concourse.
* A new lounge and bar area.
* A new television viewing lounge.
* A larger press box and an additional media area.
* A renovated sale counter and sale office.
* Upgraded sound system, message, and bid boards.