Exceller Fund Presents Holiday Horses Fundraiser

Edited Exceller Fund release
The Exceller Fund is sponsoring its fifth annual Holiday Horses fundraiser, which began Nov. 27 and runs through Dec. 6.

To participate, individuals make a minimum donation of $25 to The Exceller Fund's Holiday Horses fundraiser. In return, the donor receives a holiday card that features a photograph of Rich in Dallas, star of the movie Seabiscuit. Rich in Dallas is a The Exceller Fund horse in retirement.

Donors may make gifts of the cards by designating a recipient on the Holiday Horses donation form, which is available on The Exceller Fund's Web site (www.excellerfund.org) through Dec. 6.

In the past four years, Holiday Horses has raised over $6,000 for The Exceller Fund. The majority of donations are used for the day-to-day care of Exceller Fund-sponsored horses. Additional donations are put in a special fund that may be used to purchase horses from auctions or for surgeries that they may require.