'American Dream Derby' Set for Jan. 10 Debut

(edited GSN release)
The game show series American Dream Derby, in which 12 contestants vie in various aspects of the world of Thoroughbred racing, is to have its premiere showing Jan. 10 with back-to-back episodes on GSN.

The shows are to air from 9 to 11 p.m. ET/PT. The eight-episode series, airing on the former Game Show Network, runs through Feb. 21, when it culminates with a live race event. The winner will take home $250,000 and win a stable of Thoroughbreds.

Contestants will experience the daily chores of life in the stables, training and caring for the animals and living the high life of an owner in a nearby mansion. The players use smarts, strength and the series' stable of 15 Thoroughbred horses to get to the final race.

LeAnn Rimes will sing the theme song "You Take Me Home," and will make a special guest appearance in the while performing live as part of the two-hour finale episode. Steve Santagati ("Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska") serves as host of the series and will guide the contestants through various challenges as they learn the horse racing world from the ground up.

American Dream Derby is a Stone & Company Entertainment production. Scott A. Stone, Sharon Levy, Anthony Ross and Kathy Sutula serve as executive producers.