Campbell: "Significant steps have been taken."

Campbell: "Significant steps have been taken."


Sales Task Force Announcement Tentatively Set for Mid-December

The Sales Integrity Task Force hopes to deliver the results of its work to the Thoroughbred industry before Christmas, according to the group's chairman, Cot Campbell. A press conference has been scheduled tentatively for Dec. 16 in Lexington. Campbell said he would attend along with "five or six other people" who have played key roles in developing a Code of Ethics for the public auction business.

"We have made good progress," Campbell said. "Significant steps have been taken. I'm pleased with the competent, well-thought-out nature of the Code of Ethics."

Campbell originally had announced that the task force would issue a position paper for public review within a week following a Nov. 19 meeting.

"I was probably too optimistic," he said of the delay. "It's been a matter of housekeeping. While we're anxious to conclude this, we don't want release anything prematurely. Our legal committee has to approve everything that we've recommended. We have to make sure that we've crossed every 't' and dotted every 'i.' We have to follow an orderly process."