Retired Jockey Jose Martin del Campo Dies

Jose Martin del Campo, a member of the "Four Horsemen of Tijuana," died Dec. 28 in his Tijuana home.

Martin del Campo, who rode under the name Joe Martini, played a large role in Latin jockeys gaining acceptance at U.S. tracks. It was at Agua Caliente near Tijuana in 1939 where track official George Shilling suggested that Martin del Campo change his name to Joe Martini because there were so many Martins at the track. The name stuck.

Following his riding days, Martin del Campo served as a representative to the Mexican Jockey Club for Agua Caliente from the 1960s to the track's 1992 closing.

Martin del Campo's death came on the 75th-year anniversary of Agua Caliente's opening. His brother, Dolores "Lolo" Martin Del Campo, who was lead rider at the track from 1929-71, died weeks after the 1971 Agua Caliente fire that destroyed the grandstand.