Art McFadden, president of MEC Oregon, Resigns

Art McFadden, President of MEC Oregon Racing will resign his post on Friday, it was announced Dec. 30.

Citing a desire to spend more time on his farm in Chile and working on other various real estate projects, McFadden held the role as president of both Portland Meadows and Multnomah Greyhound Park for nearly 3 1/2 years.

McFadden assumed the role as President of MEC Oregon Racing when Magna Entertainment finalized its initial lease agreement for both facilities in July 2001.

Instrumental in coordinating the efforts of bringing MEC to Oregon, McFadden was also involved in directing the procedural efforts to rectify an environmental problem MEC inherited upon acquiring Portland Meadows.

"That was the perfect example of Magna's commitment to preserving racing in Oregon," McFadden said in a release. "They knew about the concerns coming in. They understood the work and costs involved and still moved forward in making things better for racing here. Magna saved Oregon racing in 2001 and I am proud to have worked for them."