CHRB Seeking Qualified Official Veterinarians

The California Horse Racing Board is accepting applications for an official veterinarian examination to develop a new list of qualified candidates from which future official track vets can be selected.

The deadline for applications is March 24. It is anticipated that the written and qualification interview examinations will be conducted in May.

CHRB spokesman Mike Marten said that Ingrid Fermin, the agency's new executive director, found the list currently on file needs updating. Earlier this year, the CHRB earlier sent out a request for steward applicants for the same reason.

"Some of the people on the lists are no longer with us, contact info needs updating, etc.," Marten said. "There could be a need to contract with additional stewards and official veterinarians in the future, so it is important that the two lists be up to date to include newly interested applicants and correct information on those who remain on the list."

The official veterinarian is responsible for the conduct of horses and their attendants in the receiving and detention barn, has authority and jurisdiction to supervise practicing veterinarians, and enforces the board's rules and regulations.

Official veterinarians are considered independent contractors. State civil service benefits are not provided to contractors. By contractual agreement, salaries range from $187 to $556 per day/night.

The process will consist of a pass/fail written examination and qualification appraisal interview.

Additional job qualifications and details can be obtained from the CHRB Web site.