Landsburg New TOC Chair

Edited press release
Citing other pending business commitments, Jack Owens stepped down Tuesday as chair of Thoroughbred Owners of California, but will remain a member of its board of directors.

"California racing is at a critical point in time," said Owens, "and our owners deserve to have a chair who can devote the immense amount of time necessary to best serve their interests."

Upon a motion made by vice-chair Marvin Malmuth and longtime director Mace Siegel, Alan Landsburg was unanimously approved to succeed Owens.

"Jack has done an outstanding job," said Malmuth. "He deserves our thanks for his fine work, and for his decision to put the interests of the organization before his own. We're truly fortunate to have someone like Alan available to take on this vital role."

"Alan Landsburg is an excellent choice," said Siegel. "He has been with TOC since the beginning, and understands its origins and founding philosophy. Having previously served both on this board and as chairman of the California Horse Racing Board, Alan is uniquely qualified to lead TOC as its chair."

"I have served under some awesome chairmen during my nine years on the TOC board," said Landsburg. "Those are big footsteps to fill, and I hope I can do it well."

"We owe Jack a debt of gratitude. He jumped into the role of chair last fall and has devoted an incredible amount of time to the organization ever since," said TOC president Drew Couto. "The board and staff are appreciative of his efforts and devotion, and of the fact that he will remain a member of the Board."