Calder Reopens Stable Grounds to New Arrivals

Calder Race Course will reopen its stable area April 2 after having been closed for one week as a precautionary measure to help prevent the spread of the equine disease strangles.

The stable area will be open to all horses with the exception of those under restriction at Palm Meadows Training Center and Gulfstream Park. All horses shipping into Calder must have a health certificate signed by their veterinarian from their point of origin within 24 hours of departure and must include the following statement:

"The horse(s) represented on this health certificate has/have not originated from a barn or premises under quarantine for strangles, nor has/have been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case of strangles, nor has/have shown signs suggestive of strangles, nor have been febrile (feverish) with the previous three weeks."

The rectal temperature of each horse must be recorded on the health certificate as well. Horses without the proper health certificate will be denied access to the Calder stable area.

No horses stabled at Calder have tested positive for the bacterial infection. However, several Thoroughbreds stabled at Palm Meadows Training Center and Gulfstream Park are currently undergoing testing for clearance.

Thoroughbred racehorses already stabled at Calder were able to come and go from Calder's stable area in order to participate in races at Gulfstream Park last week without incident.

Calder's 2005 season begins April 25.