Keeneland Shuts Out Five Wagering Outlets

Keeneland will not make its live racing available for simulcasting to five outlets located both inside and outside of the United States. The official announcement was made Friday, the opening day of the 16-day meeting in Lexington.

"Until we are fully satisfied these locations are properly regulated, it's in the best interest of Keeneland's customers-both on track and off-not to send them our signal," said Keeneland President Nick Nicholson.

The excluded outlets are Tonkawa, Euro-Off Track, Elite Turf Club, RGS, and Capitol Sports.

Tonkawa is the Tonkawa Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. Euro-Off Track is located on the Isle of Man in Great Britain. RGS is a betting shop based in the Caribbean that employs a hub in Lewiston, Maine.

"In order to ensure the integrity of our wagering pools, we will continue to seek information about each of the sites; however, we will not make our signal available to them until we are confident that they are being regulated appropriately and that their use of betting technology does not place other Keeneland customers at a disadvantage," Nicholson said.

"This is an industry-wide issue that needs an industry-wide solution. We encourage the NTRA, TRPB and the various regulatory bodies to quickly form the necessary oversight group at a national level."