New 'Turf Trifecta' Planned at Arlington

Arlington Park plans to showcase its turf racing during the 2005 season by offering the Turf Trifecta, a $100,000 guaranteed gross trifecta pool offered on every race that is actually run on the turf on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The wager is subject to normal Illinois Racing Board rules on trifecta wagering, which require at least six betting interests in non-stakes events and at least five betting interests in stakes.

"Our customers have told us that they enjoy wagering on turf races," Arlington executive vice president of racing Frank Gabriel Jr. said. "Horses tend to run truer to form on turf ,and since horsemen enjoy turf racing, turf races tend to have fuller fields than dirt races."

The trifecta, a wager requiring a bettor to correctly select the top three finishers in order, was implemented at Arlington in 1971.

Other wagering improvements for the 2005 season include changes to the minimum wager for daily double and superfecta bets. Double wheels and partial wheels can now be made for $1. Previously, the minimum for all daily double wagers was $2, which remains the minimum for a straight daily double ticket.

The superfecta, which requires a bettor to select the top four finishers in exact order, can now be made for as little as a dime, allowing a customer to make more combinations without having to spend a lot of money. For example, to box four horses in a superfecta would cost $2.40 (24 combinations at 10 cents each). The payoff for a 10-cent superfecta wager will be approximately one-tenth of the one-dollar payoff (rounded off to the nearest 10-cent increment for breakage.)