Canterbury Withholds Signal from Five Outlets

Edited press release
Canterbury Park, which opens May 7, will not make its live racing signal available to five wagering outlets located in and outside the United States.

The move by the Minnesota racetrack is similar to that of other tracks that have cut off--at least temporarily--the outlets.

"Because we have some serious questions about the regulation of these facilities, it's in the best interest of Canterbury's customers--both on and off track--not to send them our signal," Canterbury president Randy Sampson said. "Our number one priority is to ensure the integrity of our wagering pools, and we will continue to seek the proper information on these particular sites.

"However, we will not make our signal available until we are confident that they are being regulated appropriately and their use of betting technology does not place other Canterbury customers at a disadvantage."

The excluded outlets are Tonkawa Indian Reservation in Oklahoma, Racing and Gaming Services, International Racing Channel, Elite Turf Club, and Euro Off Track.