KEEP Reorganizes Staff

Edited news release

Claria Horn Shadwick, who has served as the Kentucky Equine Education Project's executive director since July 2004, has been named to the new position of director of strategy and research, the KEEP board announced. Jim Navolio, the group's operations director, will succeed Shadwick as executive director. KEEP's equine director, Gene Clabes, will assume all responsibilities for KEEP's overall grassroots programs.

KEEP's staff changes are effective immediately. Any operational issues or request of the organization should now be directed to Jim Navolio.

Board Chairman Brereton Jones said these changes reflect the progress that KEEP has made to date.

"We have had an extraordinarily successful first year under Claria's stewardship and the KEEP' dream team' – with over 6,400 new members, the recruitment of 109 team leaders, and raising over $4 million dollars," said Jones. "As we begin our second year, it is clear that we want to keep this team in the field, but we also need to add emphasis to strategic initiatives and research, including keeping a watchful eye on competitive and innovative state programs."

Since the organization was formed in May 2004, its membership has topped 6,400 members and team leaders have been designated for 109 counties in Kentucky. During this year's legislative session KEEP also secured appropriations for a breeder incentive fund to benefit all breeds.