Korea Hosts First International Jockey Competition

In an effort to promote Korea's horseracing industry and its place in global racing, the Korean Racing Association conducted its first International Jockey Invitation Races May 21-22 at Seoul Racecourse.

The two-day race event was held in conjunction with two of Korea's signature events, the 500,000Won President's Cup (KOR-I), Korea's richest race, and the Asian Racing Federation Commemorative Race.

Jockeys representing Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore participated against five top-ranked Korean riders. At the end of the series, jockey Park Tae of Korea held the most points (18) and received a prize of US$20,000. Nakadate Eiji of Japan was second (15) and received $10,000, while Shin Hyoung Chul of Korea came in third (13) and received $5,000.

Jockeys received 12 points for each first place, six points for second place, four points for third place, three points for fourth place and, two points for second.

The Jockey Invitation Races were also held in conjunction with the country's annual racing festival and the beginning of the 30th Annual Racing Conference, being held in Seoul for the first time in 15 years.