NYRA Places Restrictions on Horses from Delaware Park, Churchill Downs

As a result of a confirmed case of strangles at Delaware Park and the recent outbreak of equine herpes virus at Churchill Downs, the New York Racing Association has imposed restrictions on horses from those tracks planning to be shipped to NYRA facilities.

The restrictions from Dr. Celeste Kunz, chief examining veterinarian for NYRA, were posted on the NYRA Web site Thursday.

The restrictions are:

Delaware Park
Effective immediately, horses stabled at Delaware Park are temporarily restricted from NYRA premises due to confirmed strangles. Providing there are no additional cases outside the quarantined barn, horses from Delaware Park must provide a negative culture for strangles from a nasopharyngeal wash or swab taken on or after June 6. Results must be faxed to Dr. Kunz at (516) 354-5287 prior to shipping. Those horses that ship to race at Delaware Park from NYRA premises will not be allowed re-entry, and must submit a negative culture for strangles taken 14 days after racing.

Churchill Downs
Providing no new emergence of equine herpes virus, horses from Churchill Downs are temporarily restricted from NYRA premises until June 1st. Horses from quarantined barns are prohibited from NYRA premises until further notice.

Trainers wishing to ship horses that have recently relocated from Churchill Downs or Delaware Park must first contact Dr. Kunz at (516) 204-5087.

All horses will be required to have the following statement on their Health Certificate, signed by the attending veterinarian and dated within 2 days of shipment:

"Horses represented on this certificate have not originated from a barn with a confirmed or suspect case of equine herpes virus or strangles, nor have shown signs suggestive of these diseases, nor have been febrile within the previous 3 weeks."

Rectal temperatures must be recorded on the health certificate.

Trainers that have had horses in a barn with history of equine herpes virus or strangles and all ponies, must receive prior approval by Dr. Kunz otherwise they will not be allowed entry.

All trainers and veterinarians at NYRA racetracks are asked to report horses with high fevers, neurological signs, or enlarged lymph nodes to Dr. Kunz. Horses that have recently arrived from Delaware Park or Churchill Downs should have temperature charts posted outside their stalls for 2 weeks. These are available at the stable gates.