Kentucky Enforcing Health Rules on Horses

Kentucky State veterinarian Robert Stout said the state has begun enforcing regulations that require any horse traveling within Kentucky--except farm-to-farm and to approved sales--to have a current Coggins test (within the previous 12 months) and a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection conducted within the previous 150 days.

Stout said the CVI requirement is not a new regulation, but that because of problems the state has faced this year, and with the threat of out-of-state diseases such as vesicular stomatitis, his office has begun enforcing these regulations.

"Due to recent developments, I felt that the CVI was needed to protect the health of our equine industry," Stout said. "It has been the practice to accept the EIA test record as the sole documentation for intrastate movement, especially for exhibitions. In other words, a CVI has always been required by regulation, but in fact was not enforced."

It will be part of the regulations for all horse shows and the state fair, he said.

Horses coming into Kentucky from another state will need a valid EIA certificate and a CVI within 30 days of entry. Questions concerning the enforcement of the regulations can be directed to local practitioners or to the Kentucky State Veterinarian's office at 502/564-3956.