Delaware Park Quarantine Over

Delaware Racing Commission release
The Delaware Racing Commission Veterinarian's Office advised Tuesday morning that all 35 horses that were previously quarantined have been cleared for the bacterial disease Streptococcus Equi based on two negative tests.

Thirty-three of those horses are allowed to resume training and participate in racing activities. The two horses that were placed in isolation and have now tested negative on two consecutive tests were removed from the Delaware Park stable area on June 6, 2005 to an off-track location to be given rest.

The original horse that was believed to have Streptococcus Equi had a "sterile abscess" of the bacteria detected. That horse was placed in isolation and later removed from the grounds as previously reported.

State Veterinarian Dr. H. Wesley Towers related that "Delaware Park's and the commission veterinarian's handling of the quarantine was superb and limited the exposure of this bacterial disease."

He concluded that there should be no further restrictions at Delaware Park nor elsewhere involving the Delaware Park horse population.