Kentucky Farm Managers Favor International Incentive Plan

Members of the Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club overwhelmingly favor a state breeders' incentive program that would reward breeders of Kentucky-bred and Kentucky-foaled horses that win anywhere in the world.

The incentive fund will provide about $12 million annually for the Thoroughbred industry. The money will come from the 6% state sales tax on stallion fees. That money, which previously went into the state's general fund, now will be used for the breeders' incentive program. Funds begin to accrue July 1.

In responding to a survey issued by the club, 51% of members answered in favor of awarding breeders of Kentucky-bred and Kentucky-foaled horses that win across North America or any Part I country recognized by the International Cataloguing Committee.

The nationwide and international payout checks could average $2,700, according to information presented by Ken Wilkins during a June 7 informational meeting.

The second choice, receiving 37% of the vote, was awarding breeders whose horses win across North America. Receiving only 12% of the vote was awarding breeders for Kentucky-breds winning at in-state tracks only.

The rules regarding requirements of mare residency in Kentucky was a more highly contested question in the survey, with 38% responding in favor of limiting the program to Kentucky-bred and Kentucky-foaled horses only, while 36% responded in favor of limiting the program to foals by a Kentucky stallion who were foaled in the state. The minimum number of days the mare needs to reside in Kentucky has yet to be determined.

Other residency requirements discussed were year-round residency (15%) and a tiered program paying a percentage based on boarding days of the mare (11%).

A committee consisting of representatives from the farm managers club, Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, and the Kentucky Equine Education Project will meet June 23 to review information gathered by the groups and work toward finalizing a recommendation for the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority. The KHRA is charged with promulgating the rules for the incentive funds -- one for Thoroughbreds, one for Standardbreds, and one for all other breeds.