NYRA Revamps Lasix Guidelines

(from NYRA release)
Under new New York Racing Association guidelines, the minimum amount of Lasix administered to horses has been reduced and trainer declarations for eligibility for the diuretic will no longer be accepted.

The guidelines, issued June 17 by Dr. Celeste Kunz, chief examining veterinarian for NYRA, became effective immediately.

The minimum amount of Lasix at NYRA tracks was lowered from five cubic centimeters to three. To qualify for Lasix, the horse must have bled visibly during a race or workout, as determined by an NYRA veterinarian, an attending vet, or by the state veterinarian in another racing jurisdiction. A horse may also qualify if it is determined through endoscopic examination by an attending veterinarian that it bled following a race or workout.

NYRA veterinarians will administer Lasix in the security barns from 4 to 4-1/2 hours prior to scheduled post time. All horses will receive 250 milligrams (5cc), unless notified otherwise by their trainer or trainer's representative. A Lasix administration request card must be submitted for amounts other than 5cc. The requested Lasix dosage will then be administered for all future races at NYRA unless a new request is submitted. A change of trainer will require a new request to receive other than 5cc. Shippers requesting amounts other than 5cc must complete a Lasix administration request card upon arrival to the security barn.