Three Chimneys Farm Establishes Office in Japan

Edited press release
Three Chimneys Farm announced Friday it has opened an office in Japan to facilitate customer communications.

"We believe that having a presence Japan will make it easier for our clients to communicate with us," said Three Chimneys' president Dan Rosenberg. "There's nothing like being able to pick up the phone and make a local call, insofar as removing time and language barriers. Japan is a major market for us and we wanted to express our appreciation for, and commitment to, their business."

Rosenberg said satellite offices could be opened in other countries, but that Japan was first for a number of reasons, including the language differences and vast differences in time zones between Japan and the U.S.

Three Chimneys' office in Tokyo can be reached by calling 03-5385-4793 (in Japan, or 81-3-5385-4793 from outside of Japan) or faxing 03-5385-4798 (in Japan).