Turfway Polytrack Project Continues Ahead of Schedule

Edited press release
Turfway Park began installing the final layer of its innovative Polytrack racing surface Monday morning, the last step in the Installation of the unique material at the Northern Kentucky Thoroughbred track. The entire project is about three weeks ahead of schedule and is expected to be finished by July 15.

The seven-inch-deep final layer consists of recycled rubber, polypropylene fibers, and wax-coated silica sand. The mixture rests atop a layer of porous macadam, the cap of a complex drainage system that allows water to drain vertically through the surface.

Turfway Park is the first track in North America to use the surface for racing. Horses are expected to begin training over the new track on Aug. 15.

As part of the complete renovation of its track, Turfway also has installed an inside safety rail that features rider protection panels and shock absorbers. The sloping panels are designed to help exercise riders and jockeys avoid falling onto the track should they be unseated during morning workouts or races.

The track also is revamping its paddock area and winner's circle; both are expected to be finished by Sept. 1.

Turfway's fall meet begins Sept. 7 and runs through Oct. 6.