Dime Superfecta Proving Popular at Ellis Park

(from Ellis Park notes)
Ellis Park's newest wager this summer, the 10-cent superfecta, has accounted for more than half the total amount wagered in those poil during the first three weeks of the season.

Dime wagers accounted for 56% of the superfecta pools wagered last week. A total of $89,739 was bet in those superfecta pools and $50,694 came from dime wagers.

"Our customers love them," said Jeff Hall, Ellis Park director of mutuels. "We're getting a lot of people who are playing these things that wouldn't play them for two bucks, but they're playing them now because of all the combinations they can get for just a couple dollars. We're getting a lot of new players and new superfecta money, I think."

Two races this season have produced dime superfecta payouts of more than $10,000. The opening day's sixth race produced a pair of winning tickets that paid $10,848.28 each for the 10-cent wager. Sunday's eighth race produced a lone winning ticket that paid $21,401.64 for a dime.