Computerized Wagering Among Conference Topics

Edited press release

Computerized wagering will be the focus of this year's International Simulcast Conference, scheduled for Oct. 3-5 in New Orleans.

Dr. Randall Chapman will make a presentation on the elements and effectiveness of computerized, or robotic, wagering programs. His published research is recognized as providing the foundation for current computerized pari-mutuel wagering programs.

Eugene Christiansen, founder of Christiansen Capital Advisors, will be the keynote speaker to provide his insight to future trends in the gambling industry.

The annual conference will include general sessions on other issues that impact simulcasting. There will be panel sessions on Internet wagering and bookmaking, wireless technology, betting exchanges, the integrity of pari-mutuel pools, and the recent World Trade Organization decision that could affect account wagering in the United States.

The conference will conclude with a discussion of poker and how its skyrocketing online popularity could jeopardize racing's current and future fan base.

There will be breakout sessions for accountants, Canadian racetracks, and Greyhound racetracks, with additional themed breakout rooms headed by racing leaders. The conference is jointly sponsored by the Thoroughbred Racing Associations, Harness Tracks of America, American Quarter Horse Association, and in conjunction with American Greyhound Track Operators Association.