Jim Murray's Typewriter Begins Tour at Del Mar

(from Del Mar notes)
Del Mar will be host to a daylong display Saturday of the typewriter used by Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize-winning sports columnist Jim Murray.

It's the first stop on a planned national tour of the typewriter bought at a Sotheby's auction June 10 by Los Angeles resident and sports devotee Steve Soboroff.

The typewriter will be on display in the Del Mar press box.

Having the display on Del Mar's Pacific Classic weekend is appropriate because it coincides with the seventh anniversary of Murray's death and the fact he wrote his final column about Del Mar's 1998 $1-million signature race and its winner Free House, ridden by Chris McCarron.

While on display, the 1946 cast-iron Remington Rand typewriter will be available for turf writers and fans to "hunt and peck", as Murray did, a column or small memorial tribute to the man who won the national "Sportswriter of the Year Award" 14 times. Soboroff intends to tour the typewriter to sporting events around the country, with all proceeds going to the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that finances scholarships each year to students at journalism schools across the country.

Speaking about the tour, Soboroff said, "I'd like sports writers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to be able to do a column or add a sentence to a memorial book. Celebrating the excellence of Jim Murray and giving kids an opportunity to try and be the next Jim Murray is why this machine is bigger than it looks."