Adena Springs, University of Guelph to Create Equine Veterinary Facility

Edited release

Adena Springs and the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada have entered into discussions to build an equine veterinary clinic at Adena Springs North near Aurora. The clinic will be designed to provide equine healthcare and advanced diagnostic performance services to Canada's equine industry.

Adena Springs President Frank Stronach and University of Guelph President Alastair Summerlee made the announcement Aug. 31.

The equine health and performance center is designed to enhance and complement the various equine teaching, research, and health care programs already provided by the Ontario Veterinary College and Equine Guelph on the Guelph campus, as well as the equine work being done at the university's Arkell Research Station.

"My vision is to help create a world-class equine health and performance center, and we are excited to be working with the University of Guelph to make it happen," Stronach said. "This facility will help the equine industry continue to grow and prosper by supporting the high performance equine athletes that are at the core of the business. Supporting the Ontario equine industry is one of my key priorities, and working with the outstanding faculty, staff and students at the university will help position this province's equine industry to be leaders in North America, if not the world."