U.S. Senate OKs Horse Slaughter Amendment

The U.S. Senate Sept. 20 voted 68-29 in favor of an amendment to bar federal funds from being used to facilitate horse slaughter.

The House approved a companion amendment, which also keeps American horses from being shipped abroad for slaughter, on June 8. Now, the two will go to a conference committee.

According to wire services, because the amendment is attached to an annual spending bill, it would only halt horse slaughter for one fiscal year, beginning in October. Supporters said the vote in the Senate and the House "demonstrates strong public and Congressional support for a permanent ban, to be achieved through passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act."

Reps. John Sweeney of New York, John Spratt of South Carolina, and Ed Whitfield of Kentucky sponsored the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act in the House. It is expected to be introduced in the Senate as well. The measure would prohibit the transport, purchase, selling, or donation of both wild and domestic horses to be slaughtered for human consumption here and abroad.