LSU Reinstates Rescue Plans as Hurricane Approaches

Edited press release

The Louisiana State University Hurricane Equine Rescue Operation has reinstated its horse-rescue hotline as another major storm, Hurricane Rita, approaches the state.

The number is 225-578-9501.

LSU, which responded similarly in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in early September, said anyone with knowledge of horses in need of evacuation or rescue due to the hurricane is encouraged to contact a Hurricane Equine Rescue Operation representative at the number. The helpline will be available 24 hours a day.

Horse owners concerned for the welfare of their animals are encouraged to evacuate them if possible. Those unable to evacuate their animals are encouraged to open stall doors and pasture gates. Having tattoo or microchip numbers, photos, andother evidence of ownership would helpful and necessary for owners to claim their horses in the future.

Helpful tips to become reunited with displaced horses following the storm include painting your telephone number on the side of your horse and/or fastening ownership identification materials to its mane. Following the storm, the Hurricane Equine Rescue
Operation team and volunteers will begin attempts to retrieve injured and/or stranded animals as soon as possible.

This hotline is provided exclusively for horses in need of evacuation and rescue. Those wishing to volunteer their time or services or provide supplies and/or equipment should visit the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Web site ( or the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association Web site (

Those wishing to provide monetary assistance are encouraged to forward their contributions to "LVMA Equine Committee
Foundation" (write "Horse Hurricane Relief" on the memo line) and mail to Dr. Sonny Corley, LVMA Equine Committee, 121 E. Gloria Switch, Lafayette, LA, 70507. The number is 337-235-9945.