KEEP Membership Drive Reaches 8,500

(from KEEP release)
The Kentucky Equine Education Project has gained 1,500 members in the last two months, bringing the total to more than 8,500 across the Commonwealth.

KEEP, the lobbying group representing all breeds of horses in the state, has set a goal of 10,000 members by January 1 as it readies its legislative package for 2006.

"The memberships continue to come in from all around the state, which is a testament to our grassroots efforts spreading the important message about the horse industry in Kentucky," said Jim Navolio, executive director of KEEP.

"Just last week, we added new members from 40 different counties – that's a third of our state. We're seeing folks all across the state join our organization because they want our horse industry to be strong and prosper. They realize there is always strength in numbers."

KEEP was formed in May 2004 to promote and protect Kentucky's horse industry. The organization was successful during the 2005 legislative session in helping secure appropriations for a breeder incentive fund to benefit all breeds. It also got a tax waived that was placed on out-of-state buyers which caused them to remove their horses from the state.