Hancock Letter to Kentucky Racing Authority

Hancock Exec Dir. Letter

Sept. 15, 2005

To: The Executive Director and Members of the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority

As owners and breeders of Thoroughbred racehorses in the commonwealth of Kentucky, we have strong opinions about the medication and penalty regulations promulgated recently by the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority (KHRA). We support these new regulations wholeheartedly and believe that they are long overdue. We want to herein express and make known our views because as owners and breeders in the Thoroughbred business, we put up all the money and take all the risks. Trainers and veterinarians are on our payrolls and those opposing the new regulations do not represent our views.

We favor adoption of these regulations for the following reasons: Kentucky's new medication policy is modeled on the "uniform drug rule" recommended by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC). Comprised of 26 organizations, including Keeneland, Churchill Downs, the NTRA, and the national HBPA, the RMTC's driving purpose is to promote uniform rules of racing across all 35 racing jurisdictions in the United States. Representatives of RMTC member organizations worked on the content of the uniform drug rule for over three years. Thus far, 26 states have adopted or are in the process of adopting the RMTC's uniform drug rule. While minor variations among the states do exist, on key points like prohibited race day medications, states' policies are identical. For example, every state embracing the uniform drug rule prohibits the use of any steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory on race day. The need for uniform rules in horse racing is critical. Horse racing is the ONLY national sport where drug rules and penalties differ from one state to the next.

We Kentucky owners and breeders embrace Kentucky's new medication and penalty rules because they provide a level playing field for participants, instill confidence in racing fans, and promote the integrity of horse racing in the Commonwealth. Decent and honest trainers and veterinarians cannot maintain their integrity when they feel disadvantaged by the unfair practices of a few of their competitors. The betting public is in the dark about medications a horse may have been given before it races. A trainer's mastery of chemistry or a veterinarian's superior drugs should not determine winnings. Kentucky has long been viewed as having a highly permissive drug policy and lax enforcement. Many owners and trainers from outside our state refuse to race in Kentucky because they believe that the deck is stacked against them. Similarly, Kentucky is "off limits" to many major bettors. Promoting integrity, instilling confidence in the racing public, and creating a level playing field for participants are winning moves for everyone in racing.

The other reasons that we applaud the new rules are because they promote the health of our horses and the quality of the Thoroughbred breed. Our best horses are running fewer and fewer races before they retire. Distance racing and handicap racing are now but memories. If drugs are allowed to influence a horse's racing performance, no one can know if a win is the result of true ability and good genes or effective doping. Our best performing horses will become the future of our industry and any deficiencies masked by drugs will be passed on for generations.

The Kentucky Derby is the best-known race in the world. Any list of North America's leading sires reveals that most of them stand in Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky is called the "horse capitol of the world." Kentucky should be true to its leadership position in Thoroughbred racing by proudly adopting its new racing rules as a model for other racing states across America.

Josephine Abercrombie, Pin Oak Stud
John Adger, Advisor for Stonerside Stable
Helen Alexander, Middlebrook Farm
Henrietta Alexander, Owner/Breeder
Tom Alexander, Owner/Breeder
Joseph Allen, Owner/Breeder
Doug Arnold, Buck Pond Farm
Gill Aulick, Cedar Point Farm
Don Ball, Donamire Farm
Richard Banas
Craig Bandoroff, Denali Stud
Michael Barnett, Blackburn Farm
Ted Bates, Ted Bates Farm
Antony Beck, Gainesway Farm
Jimmy Bell, Rep. For Darley Stable
Reynolds Bell, Reynolds Bell Thoroughbred Services
Bill Betz, Needham/Betz Farm
Gary Biszantz, Cobra Farm
Jim Brady, Bradyleigh Farm
Darrell Brown, Stonereath Farm
Nicholas Brown
Alex Campbell, Owner/Breeder
Padraig Campion, Blandford Stud
Bill Casner, WinStar Farm
Alice Chandler, Mill Ridge Farm
Catesby Clay, Runnymede Farm
Robert Clay, Three Chimneys Farm
Bob Courtney, Crestfield Farm
Ralph d'Arge, Mount Auburn Farm
Eddie Delahoussaye, Jockey
Adele Dilschneider, Owner/Breeder
Gabriel Duignan, Foxtale Farm
Tom Evans, Trackside Farm
Will Farish, Lane's End Farm
Tracy Farmer, Shadowlawn Farm, Owner
Jim Fitzgerald, Knockgriffin Farm
Dennis Foster, Thoroughbred Investments
Nathan Fox, Wafare Farm
Tom Goncharoff, Crystal Springs Farm, Manager
John Greeley, Wintergreen Farm
David Hager, Idle Hour Farm
Nina Hahn, Lochness Farm
Dan Hall, Adena Springs Farm, Manager
Nicole Hammond, December Farm
Arthur & Staci Hancock, Stone Farm
Seth Hancock, Claiborne Farm
Susan Harkins, Duntreath Farm
Jerry Healy, Owner/Breeder
Walter Hillenmeyer, Woodlynn Farm
Tom Hinkle, Hidaway Farm
R.D. Hubbard, Crystal Springs Farm
Jody Huckabay, Elm Tree Farm
Watts Humphrey, Shawnee Farm
Bruce Hundley, Saxony Farm
Barbara Hunter, Brownwood Farm
Bruce Isaacs, Clay Ward Equine Insurance
Stuart Janney, Owner/Breeder
Corey Johnsen, DJR Thoroughbreds
Kenneth Jones, Domino Stud
Michael Kelly, Indian Spring Farm
Edward Kelly Jr., Indian Spring Farm
James Keogh, Grovendale Farm
Allen Kershaw, Rep. For Gainsborough Farm
Burt Kinerk, Owner/Breeder
Robert & Barbara Kirkham, Robert Kirkham Thoroughbreds
Bruce Kline, Spendthrift Farm
Gus Koch, Claiborne Farm, Manager
Steve Kramer, Carliwood Farm
Theodore Kuster, Westview Farm
Bill Landes, Greystone Farm
Gordon Layton, Veterinarian-Owner of Lock Lea Farm
William Lockridge, Veterinarian
Bruce Lunsford, Owner/Breeder
Damian & Braxton Lynch, Royal Oak Farm
John Magnier, Coolmore and Ashford
Laszlo Makk, Charger 6 Ventures
Dorothy Matz, Owner/Breeder
Pope McLean, Crestwood Farm
Robert & Janice McNair, Stonerside Stable
Henry Meyer, Owner/Breeder
Sam Morgan, Owner/Breeder
Patricia Moseley, Ardboe Stables
Bill & Allison Murphy, Ballinswood Farm
Drew Nardiello, Chesapeake Farm
Phil Needham, Needham/Betz Thoroughbreds
Emler Neuman, Xalapa Farm
R. Bates Newton, Vinery Stud Rep.
Bill Nicholls, Springland Farm
Rick Nichols, Shadwell Farm Rep.
Alfred Nuckols, Hurstland Farm
Charles Nuckols, Nuckols Farm
Demi O'Byrne, Veterinarian, Ashford & Coolmore
Garrett O'Rourke, Juddmonte Farm Rep.
Lonnie Owens, Katalpa Farm
John & Debby Oxley, Fawn Leap Farm
Rodes (Shack) Parrish, Indian Creek Farm
Virginia Payson, Payson Stud, Inc.
Frank Penn, Pennbrook Farm
Ogden Mills Phipps, Owner/Breeder
Rick Pitino, Owner/Breeder
Rawleigh H. Ralls
Jackie Ramos, Ashleigh Stud
Alex Rankin, Upson Downs Farm
Bob Raphaelson, Owner/Breeder
David Richardson, Owner/Breeder, Physician
Barry Robinette, Glenwood Farm
Don Robinson, Winter Quarter Farm
Tony Ryan, Castleon-Lyons
Bernie Sams, Claiborne Farm Advisor
Scotty Schulhofer, Trainer
Robin Scully, Clovelly Farm
Fred Seitz, Brookdale Farm
James Squires, Two Bucks Thoroughbreds
Jimmy Stone, Crescent City Stable
George Strawbridge, Augustin Stable
Joe Sutton, Sutton Ventures
Jim Tafel, Tafel Interests
Thomas Tatham, Oak Cliff Breeders
Duncan Taylor, Taylor Made Farm
William Thomason, Mill Ridge Farm
Kenneth Tomlinson, Springbrook Farm
Tommy Van Meter, Eaton Sales
Henry Waits, Rowland Farm
John Ward, Trainer
Henry White, Owner/Breeder
Bill Young, Overbrook Farm