Michigan Jockey Gets Fine, Seven-Year Suspension

Edited press release

Jockey Roberto Perez, who allegedly bet an Oct. 4 race at Great Lakes Downs and left the horse he rode off the tickets, was suspended for seven years and fined $7,000 by stewards in Michigan.

The final ruling against Perez was issued Nov. 3. The panel of three stewards said evidence in the case proved Perez engaged in a forbidden wagering transaction involving a horse race. The evidence gathered during the course of an investigation included bank statements, tote records, and sworn testimony, which led the stewards to uphold a suspension issued Oct. 5.

Perez has 10 days to appeal the suspension to Michigan racing commissioner Christine White, according to a release from her office.

In addition, the licensee that was caught attempting to cash the winning superfecta ticket was suspended 60 days and fined $1,000.