ReRun Using Stickers to Protect Thoroughbreds

ReRun Inc., the national Thoroughbred adoption group, has created stickers for use on a foal or horse's Jockey Club certificate to provide a contact for a subsequent owner who is unable or unwilling to provide a retirement for a Thoroughbred at the end of its racing or breeding career.

The stickers, which can be placed on the back of a certificate by the breeder or owner, designate a person or organization to be contacted if the horse is in need of retirement.

Lori Neagle, chapter director of ReRun Kentucky, said in a release "Thoroughbreds can pass through multiple hands throughout their racing careers and may be at risk when they are no longer productive as racehorses. These stickers provide a safety net for horses whose owners want to help them later on when it may be needed."

ReRun is providing the stickers as a service to the industry to help address the situation of unwanted horses. The organization is coordinating a nationwide mailing to owners and breeders with the help of Kim Zito and owner Carol Farmer to promote awareness of the stickers and encourage owners and breeders to use them.

"I've been using the stickers with my horses and I'm comforted to know that there is a mechanism where I can be contacted if one of my horses is no longer wanted," said Farmer.

The stickers are available at no cost from ReRun