Jodi Urich Named to Prairie Meadows Board

(from Prairie Meadows release)
Jodi Urich is the newest addition to the Prairie Meadows Board of Directors following its annual meeting in Altoona, Iowa, on Nov.16.

Urich, who was elected to serve at-large through November 2008, replaces outgoing secretary Shirley Kleywegt following 10 years of service. Kleywegt joined the board in 1994 to represent Polk County and, in ensuing years, filled one of five at-large positions.

Florence Buhr, appointed to the board in 2000 to represent Polk County, was elected to fill the secretary vacancy left by Kleywegt. Buhr's current term expires in November 2006.

Vice chair Jack Peters (representing the horse industry), Nolden Gentry (representing Polk County), and Dan Albritton (representing organized labor) were re-appointed to serve through November 2008.

Tom Whitney and Gerard Neugent, who have served the first year of their 3-year terms, were elected to the board's executive committee. They join Jack Bishop, Peters and Buhr.