R.A.C.E. Fund Endorsed by Penn National HBPA

Edited press release
Penn National HBPA president John Wames and the board of directors have endorsed the non-profit organization, R.A.C.E Fund, Inc. The purpose of the R.A.C.E Fund is to be a funding source to help pay toward the cost of retirement for Thoroughbred racehorses and racetrack pony horses when they can no longer race or work by paying a monthly fee to non-profit horse rescue centers to help offset the rescues cost.

Funds will also be used to pay for the cost of humane euthanasia when necessary and emergency situations. President and co-founder of the R.A.C.E Fund, Marlene Murray stated " we are thrilled that the Penn National HBPA is in agreement and realized that there is a great need for our organization. We are hopeful that other HBPA affiliates and horseman's associations will follow suit."