Legislative Subcommittee OKs Kentucky Drug Rules

Kentucky's new medication rules were approved Dec. 13 by the state General Assembly Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee.

The rules, centered on race-day medication, were approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority Nov. 14 and went through the legislative review process. They previously were implemented under an emergency order signed by Gov. Ernie Fletcher.

KHRA executive director Jim Gallagher said officials are now working with the Legislative Research Commission to finalize the regulation that spells out penalties for medication-related violations. The subcommittee will handle the penalty phase at a later date.

Under the medication regulation, only the anti-bleeder drug Salix and two of four adjunct bleeder medications can be administered up to four hours prior to a race. One of three non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can be administered up to 24 hours before a race.

The regulation includes threshold levels for therapeutic medications permitted on race day and the non-steroidal drugs that are allowed up to 24 hours out.

The regulations for medication and penalties are scheduled to be officially in the books early next year.