Five Turfway Horses Test Positive for Equine Herpesvirus

The Kentucky State Veterinarian's Office announced Dec. 30 that while 11 horses from Turfway Park's Barn 26 that previously tested positive for equine herpesvirus now test negative, five horses still tested positive, and they quarantined seven horses in the outrider's barn.

Barn 26 horses were sampled on Wednesday night.Included in the five horses that remain positive for equine herpesvirus is a filly that had been hospitalized, but was released on Wednesday.

After one pony horse demonstrated a fever earlier in the week, those horses were tested. One horse yesterday was reported as PCR positive from buffy coat with additional diagnostics supporting a conclusion of EHV infection. Arrangements were being made for other ponies to be available for training and racing.

Since first demonstrating a fever, the pony has remained in the barn not had direct contact with other horses, noted the report from the state Veterinarian's office. In addition, biosecurity and containment measures were implemented and were being followed.

An inspection of the barn and horses was conducted Dec. 30 did not reveal evidence suggesting additional animals have contracted the virus.

As a precaution, horses in that barn were included in the quarantine, with samples scheduled to be collected on Monday evening to more clearly define the disease status of this barn of horses.

Turfway Park and the horsemen are attempting to find a suitable location that would allow these animals to be removed from the grounds.

Horses in Barn 26 which were tested and found negative will be permitted to go to the track for limited and restricted exercise beginning as early as Sunday morning (Jan. 1, 2006).

The next round of testing of horses in Barn 26 is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday evening (Jan. 4).

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Verderosa, chief examining veterinarian for the New York Racing Association, conveyed to the Kentucky state veterinarian by telephone Dec. 31, that effective immediately, all horses shipping onto NYRA properties from Kentucky will be required to be accompanied with a 48 hour Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, said Rusty Ford of the Kentucky state veterinarian's office.

Horses were previously allowed entry onto NYRA properties with a five-day CVI.

In addition to the 48 hour CVI requirement, Dr. Verderosa is requiring that individuals shipping to NYRA properties from Turfway Park call for entry approval. Verderosa can be reached on 516/351-5314, with the call being made prior to the animal leaving Turfway.

These requirements will remain in effect until further notice is received from Verderosa.