Horse Power Forms Management Company

Edited press release
Five partners have formed a new management company that will enable individuals to experience Thoroughbred ownership. Horse Power encourages potential owners to enter Thoroughbred racing with their friends and family members, in a manner akin to owning a professional sports franchise.

"The racing world can be hard to break into," says managing partner Glenn Weber. "Previously, the only options for ownership were either a full-time commitment, which demanded knowledge and time that many newcomers didn't have, or partial ownership through a partnership, which didn't allow the owners to experience all the features of full-time ownership.

"What's truly unique to Horse Power is that basically you get to be George Steinbrenner, and we are the team that puts together your Yankees."

In addition to Glenn Weber, Horse Power principals are: client services director Lee Weber; asset management director Dennis Lynch; investor Paul Purseley; and investor Cooper Manning, a former college football player whose father and brothers are NFL greats Archie, Peyton, and Eli Manning.