State Lifts Quarantine of One Turfway Park Barn

Edited press release

The Kentucky State Veterinarian's office lifted the quarantine of Barn 26 at Turfway Park Jan. 19 after results of tests taken the week of Jan. 9 indicated negative results for equine herpesvirus.

Barn 26, which houses 48 horses, had been quarantined since Dec. 22. One horse in the barn, a 3-year-old filly, was euthanized because of complications from the virus.

The horses stabled in Barn 26 will resume training with the general population Jan. 20.

According to a statement from the office of Dr. Robert Stout, the state veterinarian, the "negative results, supported with information that no clinical evidence of disease has been suggested within this group of animals or barn during the previous 26-day period, and with an assessment of the barn's population completed (Jan. 18) finding no abnormalities, provides us the opportunity to conclude these animals are not affected with an active equine herpesvirus infection."

The samples were tested at the University of Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center in Lexington.

Meanwhile, Barn 27, which houses about 50 horses, remains under quarantine. They will be tested again after the afternoon racing program concludes Jan. 22.

Lead and outrider ponies that were moved to the Boone County Fairgrounds remain at that location and were to be inspected and sampled Jan. 19.