Fair Hill Training Center Takes EHV-1 Precautions

Fair Hill Training Center, home to more than 400 horses, has instituted stringent guidelines to ensure the well being of all horses stabled at the facility and to provide the best opportunity for those same horses to race when entry restrictions lift later this month as nearby out of state racetracks.

Due to the recent outbreaks of Equineherpes Virus (EHV-1), Fair Hill Training Center has established a clear and uncomplicated plan beginning with the prevention of any horse from entering the facility at this time. Security has been heightened around the clock, including the employment of off-duty police officers.

Officials from the training center's board of directors met with racing officials at Philadelphia Park Feb. 6 to discuss details of future entry requirements. Discussions will also be sought with Delaware Park, NYRA, Charlestown, and Penn National to clarify the current situation and seek appropriate consideration for horses based as Fair Hill.

The Fair Hill "disease free" policy is intended to cover all aspects of potential exposure. Our intent is to eliminate contact with the affected race track populations and to the potential risk zone which includes farms, other training centers, horse vans, and personnel that care for the animals still at risk. The situation requires a sound policy and enforceable action.

"After meeting with trainers and owners at Fair Hill, it was clear everyone wanted to protect the horses, our facility, and their livelihood by becoming proactive in establishing a safe and secure training center that remains free of EHV-1," said Sally Goswell, general manager of Fair Hill Training Center.

"We have more than 40 trainers and more than 400 horse here. It is imperative that our trainers not have restrictions as to where they can race their horses. We need horse owners to have continued confidence that Fair Hill is a safe and separate environment," she continued.

"In addition, we hope that racing management in other jurisdictions observing our decisions will appreciate the integrity and commitment that everyone here brings to the future success and quality of racing."