Public Review Opens on CHRB Coupling Rules

The California Horse Racing Board is seeking written public response prior to April 10 on its proposal to eliminate the coupling of horses as single-wagering interests due to common ownership.

Specifically, the actions would repeal Rules 1606 and 1974 to eliminate the coupling requirement. Rule 1606 (Coupling of Horses) states: "Two or more horses shall be coupled as a single wagering interest and as an entry when such horses are owned in whole or in part by the same person or persons."

Rule 1974 (Wagering Interest) states: "A wagering interest may be any one horse in a race, or may be two or more horses coupled as a single wagering interest as an 'Entry' or the 'Field.' A declaration or withdrawal of one horse from a wagering interest which consists of more than one horse shall have no effect on any wagers made on such wagering interest."

The CHRB approved the proposed rule changes for a 45-day public notice period, which began Feb. 24. Written comments should be submitted to Harold Coburn either by e-mail ( or regular mail to the CHRB, 1010 Hurley Way, Suite 300, Sacramento CA 95825.

Following the notice period, the CHRB will conduct a public hearing on the proposed changes during the April 27 monthly commission meeting at Hollywood Park in Inglewood at which interested parties may provide testimony.