Eddie King Lawsuit Settled But He Says 'It's the Same Old Guild'

The Jockeys' Guild has reached a settlement in a pair of lawsuits filed by ousted Guild treasurer Eddie King and former Disabled Jockeys' Fund co-chairman Gary Donahue.

Interim national manager Darrel Haire said the Guild has agreed to pay legal fees of $7,500 compiled by King and Donuhue in exchange for them dropping the suits.

King filed two lawsuits against the Guild in 2004 after he questioned then-chairman Tomey Jean Swan and former president Wayne Gertmenian about the movement of funds within the Guild and Disabled Jockeys' Fund accounts. Donahue was a party to one of the suits.

King was ousted as treasurer and as a member of the Guild's board of directors. He was later expelled as a Guild member. Donahue, a disabled former rider, was replaced as co-chairman of the Disabled Jockeys Fund.

The settlement allows King to become a Guild member again, but the New Jersey-based rider said he's not interested unless there are significant changes.

"What good is it?" said King, who did not attend the two-day Guild assembly near Dallas Monday and Tuesday. "It's the same old Guild. The guys who threw me out are still in there. They are part of the Gertmenian debacle. I just can't be a member of a group like that."

King said no one from the Guild has apologized to him.

"You do what you can to protect them," King said of his questioning of Guild financials, "and then they want to kick you in the teeth."

Gertmenian was fired in November 2005 after the Guild Senate elected a new board of directors. Two of Gertmenian's staunchest supporters, David Shepherd and Swan, remained on the new board. Swan, chairman for three of the four years Gertmenian was president, did not run for re-election this year and was replaced yesterday by Mark Guidry on the board.