United Tote Contributes to University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program

Edited press release

Youbet.com subsidiary United Tote Company contributed $100,000 to the University of Arizona's Race Track Industry Program (RTIP) to support its racing industry endowed chair to head a Masters program and conduct industry research.

With the United Tote donation, announced Tuesday by RTIP director, Doug Reed, the program is just $150,000 shy of the final goal that will enable them to fill the position and design the research.

"I am very grateful for United Tote's generosity and support," Reed said. "Youbet.com got us out of the starting gate with the first $100,000 donation last year and now their subsidiary, United Tote, has helped us reach the home stretch, and we are very near the finish line."

The professor named to the RTIP Chair will be an integral part of the educational programs in the new Masters Degree option and focus on research that benefits the entire industry.

"The RTIP's industry research goal is important because racing needs objective, empirical data on which to build racing's foundation for the future," said United Tote President Jeff True.

"We believe that this program will also drive the development of management talent that the industry vitally needs to sustain that future growth," True added.