Research Says Yum! Brands Got $2.7M in 'Exposure Value'

Edited press release

Yum! Brands, the new presenting sponsor of the grade I Kentucky Derby, said it gained almost $2.7 million in "total comparable exposure value" on air during the May 6 broadcast of the event.

In a release, the company said it garnered in-broadcast exposure worth $1.85 million. When additional on-screen time and verbal mentions of the company's five restaurant chains were factored in, total value was $2.7 million.

According to research conducted by Joyce Julius and Associates, which specializes in measuring the impact of sponsorships in all forms of media, the Yum! Brands logo appeared clear and in-focus for three minutes, 15 seconds during NBC's 90-minute broadcast, while the presenting sponsor was also mentioned by the network's announcers on 18 occasions. Joyce Julius determines the value of the exposure by comparing the on-screen time and mentions received by the sponsor to the non-discounted cost of purchasing a 30-second commercial during the broadcast.

While NBC's graphics provided the bulk of Yum! Brands visual exposure, signs containing the company's logo in the paddock area and on the starting gate were the most potent on-site exposure sources, in terms of gaining valuable television time. Both sets of signs were monitored for 0:13; each accounted for $65,000.

The research broke down the value as follows for the five restaurant chains in the Yum! Brands stable: Taco Bell, $170,000 in exposure value; Kentucky Fried Chicken, $165,000; and A&W Restaurants, Long John Silver's, and Pizza Hut, each at $160,000.

Michigan-based Joyce Julius and Associates, which monitors more than 2,500 nationally televised sports and special event programs each year, has been measuring the impact of corporate sponsorships since 1985.