Anti-Slaughter Bill May Have to Wait Until After Break

It appears unlikely the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act will be put to a vote before Congress breaks for the Fourth of July holiday.

"There had been some thought for some quick movement, but it looks like there are some scheduling and timing issues," Chris Heyde, deputy legislative director for the Society for Animal Protective Legislation, said June 28.

While the vote may not come until after the holiday, a lot of lobbying is going on in Washington, D.C.

"We have had a lot of people today trying to raise some big awareness to hopefully shake things loose," Heyde said. "We've had a lot of veterinarians and Thoroughbred owners and breeders in town. Even the Hancocks are here today, Arthur and Staci (of Stone Farm near Paris, Ky.), doing some meetings as well."

The bill is believed to have the support of about 200 members of the House; to pass that chamber, a bill requires a simple majority of the 435 members.

"We should be at at least 200 or a little over that," Heyde said. "I think it will be much better in the Senate, where we haven't had as much opposition, and we've only really had one person that opposes it in the House."

Congress will reconvene July 10.