Equibase Teams With PA Sport for North American Racing Coverage in the UK

Edited press release

Equibase Company, the North American Thoroughbred industry's official database for racing information, has signed a license agreement allowing sports news provider PA Sport to receive and disseminate North American Thoroughbred racing information in the United Kingdom.

According to Equibase executive vice president and chief operating officer Hank Zeitlin, the companies share a mutual interest in expanding accessibility of North American racing information, while maintaining appropriate safeguards against its unlawful use.

"Equibase has long sought to make accurate racing information as widely available as possible through licensed channels, and our agreement with PA Sport is a significant step in this direction," said Zeitlin. "By partnering with PA Sport, we're able to serve the growing trans-Atlantic interest in North American simulcast signals, punctuated by the recently announced joint venture between Racing UK, Churchill Downs, and Magna Entertainment to partner in the UK-based subscription television channel Racing World."

Equibase will provide PA Sport with a comprehensive assortment of pre- and post-race information. PA Sport's head of racing and betting, Jim Donnelley, said the agreement's significance is magnified by the burgeoning market in the UK for wagering opportunities on North American Thoroughbred races.

"PA Sport delivers the most comprehensive horse racing content in the United Kingdom," said Donnelley. "Today's agreement allows us to continue in that capacity in support of the increasing market for Thoroughbred racing imported from North America, while maintaining our enterprise's hallmark commitment to protect the intellectual property we disseminate 24 hours a day."