Deadline Looms for Kentucky Incentive Fund Registration

Edited press release
The registration deadline for the new Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders' Incentive Fund is Aug. 1. Breeders may register online by going to the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority Web site and clicking on Breeders' Incentive Fund. The registration fee is $60.

"The Aug. 1 deadline is only for mares covered in 2006," said KBIF administrator Jamie Haydon. "It is important for Kentucky breeders to register the mares they breed this year so they can be eligible for approximately $12 million a year in incentives during the foals' racing careers."

To qualify for the program, the mare must have been covered by a Kentucky stallion and remain in Kentucky from the time of cover until foaling. Foals born in 2006 and prior years are grandfathered into the KBIF program if the foal is eligible for the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund.

The KBIF was implemented by Gov. Ernie Fletcher as part of his Jobs for Kentucky plan. Included in the plan were tax incentives and other incentive options designed to ensure the strength and growth of the Thoroughbred industry. KBIF will award approximately $12 million to Thoroughbred breeders as an incentive to breed their mares in Kentucky and keep them in the state.

The KHRA is an independent agency of state government charged with the responsibility of regulating the conduct of horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing and related activities within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The KHRA is attached to the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet for administrative purposes.