Salle Horse Vans Roll On Under New Generation of Management

Nicole Pieratt and Perry Bozarth, have acquired Sallee Horse Vans from Robert D. Maxwell, Arminda Maxwell, and Patricia Pieratt.

Pieratt is a third-generation Maxwell family member to be an owner of Sallee horse Vans.

The 36-year-old Pieratt, the company's president, who will direct sales, marketing and operations, virtually grew up at the well-known horse van company. "We believe in what we do," says Pieratt. "Perry and I are committed to providing excellent service and safety through the team efforts of over 100 employees. We intend to build upon the great reputation created by my uncle, grandmother, and mother." Pieratt added.

Salle Horse Vans has served Thoroughbred racing and the equine industry for over four decades. Patsy Pieratt and Arminda Maxwell will continue to be involved in the day-to-day operations.
Perry Bozarth the company's CEO has been with Sallee for 18 years. He will continue to direct the financial, administrative, and trailer manufacturing operations.

Sallee Horse Vans represents clients throughout the world and travels more than 3.5 Million miles a year. Sallee Horse Vans is headquartered in Lexington, with satellite offices in Ocala, Fla.,, Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Ill., Elmont, NY, and Toronto, ON.