Market Comments: Buyers and Consignors Talk About Fasig-Tipton Saratoga Sale

Here's what some buyers and consignors had to say about the Fasig-Tipton Saratoga select yearling auction in Upstate New York on Aug. 8 and 9:

Cot Campbell, Dogwood Stable, buyer:
"I always look at the ones that fall through the cracks, and that's why I think sometimes the select sales are productive. I can also buy a horse that pinhookers might not be able to buy because there are some things that I'm willing to live with. I think the difference between a million dollar horse and a $250,000 horse is not four times as great. Sometimes it's just a miniscule difference in quality and a gigantic difference in money. The million dollar horse as certainly got a better shot than the $250,000 horse, but not a four times better shot."

J.J. Crupi, pinhooker:
"I thought the sale was very, very strong. It's a good, honest market. There's real nice horses here, and nice horses cost money. It's a wonderful bunch of horses. When they (Fasig-Tipton officials) grade them to come here, they try to pick out the best, and that's what they have here."

John Stuart, Bluegrass Thoroughbred Services, consignor:
"The really good ones bring more than I think they could bring. The ones that are off a little bit don't bring as much as I think they should. But altogether, the market is as strong as it's ever been for the right horse. It's a physical thing. I don't ever want to go to a horse sale, where you don't have all the crowd from Ocala there. They bid and buy horses. If Mike Mulligan, Becky Thomas, and those other guys weren't there, I don't know what I would do, and I think most consignors would say the same thing."

Bayne Welker, Mill Ridge Sales, consignor:
"Overall, it was a good sale. If you had the individual, there was certainly a good market here for it. The market has carried over from July. I don't think it was in the stratosphere, but I don't think anybody wants that. We just want a good, solid market that carries on. I think it bodes well for September. I thought the (buyer) traffic was really strong. Compared to last year, it was maybe about 10% more. Fasig-Tipton did a remarkable job (recruiting buyers). You saw some new faces that you don't normally see at Saratoga. You could tell that they had gone out and really worked to get new business up here. It's encouraging. It makes you want to come back. Numbers wise I kind of like it. You don't oversupply your demand. I think there needs to be a boutique sale that you can bring good horses up and showcase. What more perfect setting to do it in than up here under these maple trees."

Stuart Morris, Highclere Sales, consignor:
"All of our horses have had a good response. I had a little bit of a chance to go look at some other horses before the sale, and there were a lot of nice ones. They brought fair to better-than-fair money. It was a good sale. There aren't many pouting faces (among consignors). I think the momentum and strength of July made its way North."