Kentucky to Enforce Helmet Regulation

The Kentucky Horse Racing Authority will begin enforcing a rule which requires all jockey helmets to meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The enforcement will begin at the Sept. 6 opening of Turfway Park.

According to a statement from the KHRA, all jockeys with scheduled mounts on Sept. 6 or later must wear a helmet meeting this standard or they will not be permitted to ride.

Currently there are a number of companies making ASTM/SEI-approved riding helmets, among them Charles Owens & Co., Del Mar Helmets, troxel, Devon-Aire, Equine Science Marketing, Intec Corporation and International riding Helmets.

Jim Gallagher, KHRA executive director, said the state racing authority is working alongside the Jockeys' Guild and the Charles Owens Company to provide more information to riders in other jurisdictions.

Gallagher said pricing for the helmets would be same if the jockeys return an old helmet.

There is also accident replacement for those helmets- 65% for the 1st year, 50% for 2nd year and 25% for the third year.

The KHRA plans to seek assistance with all racing jurisdictions, licensed racing associations, and the Guild in communicating this information to all riders who may come to ride in Kentucky.