Delaware Jockeys Match NTRA Charities Contribution

Edited press release

The Delaware Jockeys Health and Welfare Benefit Board will match the $18,000 previouly pledged by Delaware Park to the NTRA Charities-Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.

John Wayne, executive director of Thoroughbred racing in Delaware, said the decision was made at an Aug. 10 meeting of the benefits board. The total contribution from Delaware now stands at $36,000.

"What the Delaware jockeys did by making this selfless contribution to a very worthwhile fund makes all of us very proud of our local rider colony," Wayne said. "The Delaware jockeys have shown compassion for their fellow riders by coming forward unsolicited and making this gift to the NTRA Charities fund."

The Delaware Jockeys Health and Welfare Benefit Board oversees the management about $350,000 a year, adjusted for inflation. The funds are equally derived from video lottery terminal revenue at the racetrack and from the horsemen's purse account. The money offsets health and welfare costs for the participating riders.

Delaware Park also has a $1-million on-track accident insurance policy that's separate from the health care fund, in addition to a fund for temporarily disabled riders who are recovering from injuries while preparing to return to racing.